Enrichment at OVP

Our Village Preschool offers a variety of enrichment classes throughout the day.  Music, gardening, art and cooking are included in the monthly tuition. After school enrichment is available from 3-5 pm for an additional fee.

Monday- Sports World

The Sports World Program is a fun and exciting way for kids to develop their motor skills while learning the basics of manydifferent sports & games. Dribbling, passing, shooting & hand-eye coordination are all practiced as students play basketball, soccer, dodgeball, capture the flag and much, much more. (Provided by Parker-Andersen Enrichment)

Tuesday- Yoga with Ms. Elizabeth

The Yoga Workshop for young children follows age old traditions such as meditation & poses but is also a lot of fun! Incorporating different styles & poses with games & music, the focus is on taking the lessons learned “on the mat” & using them in the real world: remaining calm, present, breathing & full of spirit! (Provided by Parker-Andersen Enrichment)

Wednesday- Fun with STEM Workshop with Ms. Elizabeth

STEM can be so much fun! At Parker-Andersen Enrichment we teach inquiry-based exploration with hands on materials as students learn to become critical thinkers. Kids won’t be bored for a minute with the wide range of STEM programming they will experience in one day! New, cool & hands on experiments/activities each week & new topics, including but not limited to: Chem Kids, Got Science, Jr. Robot Building, Marine Biology, Rocket Science & Astronomy, Tech Kids, Weird & Wacky Science & Young Doctors! (Provided by Parker-Andersen Enrichment)

Thursday- Creative Drama / Dance with Ms. Jeanne

In Creative Drama & Dance class, we will read and act out stories together. We will play theater and improv games designed to develop and inspire imagination and empathy. During the dance portion, we will be working on balance and flexibility as well as building the core strength which supports fine motor coordination as we learn dances from different time periods and cultures including folk dances from around the world!

Friday- Spanish / Fun Fridays!

“Fun Fridays” will include a variety of exciting tactile and sensory experiences! “Play” activities will inspire their curiosity,allow them to explore the world around them and enhance their learning, language and creativity. The children will also be singing songs and learning some basic Spanish in a fun way!